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Insanely Beautiful, Esperance, the most beautiful town in Western Australia and the second most beautiful in the whole of Australia.

Esperance, roughly translated, is French for hope and it’s the French that are credited with the town’s discovery, naming it and other local landmarks whilst sheltering from a storm in the area in 1792.

Ten years on Matthew Flinders sailed the glorious waters of the Bay of Isles, discovering and naming gems such as Lucky Bay and Thistle Cove.

Whalers, sealers and pirates followed, as did pastoralists and miners, keen to cash in on free land and a gold boom to the north at Kalgoorlie.

Esperance is located 720kms south-east of Perth & 480kms east from Albany.

Esperance has the most stunning coastal scenery with squeaky white sand and turquoise water.

Visitors are always amazed at the sheer beauty of what’s on offer. It is clean, safe and friendly and a great spot to unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of life (Launched on the 4th of September 2009).

This Esperance DVD has just been updated and the new release (second release, shown above) will be launched on the 26th of November, at this stage only select retailers are selling them in Esperance, but they too can be bought direct from us.

Most of the first release has been modified and the main Town presentation made longer.

It also includes new presentation that were not on the first release and some were removed too.

Esperance - OUT OF THE WAY, OUT OF THIS WORLD Blu-ray Disc

It includes All of the above in high definition.

Also as a bonus it also includes the Fitzgerald Coast presentation, within the discs menu system.
Total running time: 107 minutes.


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