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Important Notes


  • Currently we do not convert 16mm Cinematic Film or U-matic Cassettes. (we're looking for the machines) If you have anything else please ask.

  • We do not convert commercial or copyrighted material, if provided it will be put aside and given back to you, there might be a handling fee.
    If you require us to go the all the TV shows to see if there was family vision on the cassette, this will mean we have to record the lot just to find out, we don't have time to scan through this sort of stuff.

  • We might be able to convert old 8mm Audio reels, but we are still testing our old device.

  • If any cassette has no vision on it, there might only be a $5 handling fee per item depending on the item.

  • We in most cases can repair cassettes, but might lose a small portion of video where the tape is damaged (fees may apply for repairs).

  • You are welcome to provide your own USB device, please make sure it can hold the suspected hours and type of footage (Check our prices).

  • MP4 files and TV's, a TV less than 10 years old should be able to play an MP4 file via a USB device, if you plan on playing the movies on older TV's or players, please ask for the files to be MPG and the lower resolution.

  • On all video storage/transfer devices, we provide free license VLC Player software suitable for any PC or MAC computer just in case, as it plays just about any type of video file.

  • When we transfer your files, there will be a text explaining any issues we had and other information (Backup is Essential).

  • From April 2024 onward all of our conversions will be up-scaled and clearer.