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Video Cassettes and MiniDVD Discs to MP4


All VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV cassettes, DVD and MiniDVD discs:

These prices are for the first "Up to the hour"

  • $34.50 for 1 item.

  • $32.00 each for 2-5 items

  • $29.50 each for 6-10 items

  • $27.00 each for 11-15 items

  • $24.50 each for 16-20 items

  • $22.00 each for 21-29 items

  • $21.00 each for 30 or more items (no matter the length).

    All cassettes or DVDs under 1.5 hours are the above prices.
    Please add an additional $10 per hour there after, worked out as $5 per additional 30 minutes or $2.50 per 15 minutes.

    Converting scratched or damaged DVD or MiniDVD disc might not be possible but we don t guarantee it.


Betacord (Betamax) cassettes:

  • $50.00 each per item (no matter the length No discounts for bulk conversions).

Demo from a Hi8 Camcorder Video Camera
Upscaled and due to it being a short
scene it's been stabilised as well.
The same detail can come from Video8,
Digital8, VHS, VHS-C, DV, MiniDVD and Betacord.
DVDs can also be upscaled however
upscaling does not add more detail.

Through Ai software detail can be added
which is a slow and draining
process at least for now.

Mouldy, Damaged or simply warn out

PLEASE don't leave it until your reels and cassettes are to old or end up looking like this -->

Mouldy VHS cassettes could possibly be cleaned for converting for an extra $50 per cassette.
There might not be a lot we can enhance if your cassettes, DVDs or 8mm film are damaged due age or wear and tear. We can cut out damage film and join, or replace cassette cases etc to recover some of the worst, but success can not be guaranteed.


Upscale from original Std 352x288p
to 1280x720p resolution.

The example here just proves that
when the conversion is done, there
is noticeable stretching or
distortions to enlarge to 1280x720p
and retaining aspect ratio.

Best viewed on a large screen
where you will see differences.

Some day we hope to be able
to Ai enhance on the fly.

Editing footage of any type:

  • $80 per hour or $20 per 15 minutes.

All footage is converted (rendered) to standard widescreen and will show borders where applicable.

Burning your movie files to DVD:

It is not recommended to burn your movies to DVD due to the fact they too will become obsolete soon, however add...

  • $15.00 to put up to 1.5 hours of converted video files to DVD and addition copies are discounted to $7.50 each, of the same disc (further discounts available for bulk orders).

Blu-ray Disc is not going to improve the output, so is not recommended unless your footage is actually HD (High Definition 1080p+): however...

  • $30.00 each to burn up to 3 hours of footage to a Blu-ray on top of conversion prices.


All conversions from April 2024 onward will at least have double the resolution through a process called up-scaling we are able to improve on the original recordings, and that also includes personal home videos already on DVD. Please not that detail can not be added, but your footage will be have less image noise and will be easier to see.