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                  Established 1998, our computer experience goes back to 1985.
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SORRY but I no longer sell
 laptops or PC's in the Albany Region

However, I may still be able to assist with Data Recovery, you will need to post your drive to me and I will send it back when done (if possible). If I am unable to recover your data, I will return your device to you, but please contact me first to get a quote.

Ayse Computer Assistance Tips
For a suitable free antivirus try AVG Free.
AVG Free Upgrade via this safe link "CLICK THIS".
Requires a large download and you may need to register prior to downloading.

You'll may need to uninstall the old AVG before.
Then do a fresh install with the new version, make sure you examine all ticked items, as often they try to install extras that you don't need.

We suggest un-ticking toolbars and Google stuff, when installing software online, also if your Internet Browser is slow, try turning off some plug-ins, via the tools or options menu, most are not required, however Java & Flash Player are required.

If you don't like AVG Free, perhaps give the latest Avast Antivirus a go "CLICK THIS" which might be free for the first 12 months (if still offered) after the free registration (or it was free last I checked).

Also with this new version of AVG, after some time it asks to update the entire program, be careful it doesn't trick you into installing the pay version, choose AVG FREE Basic.

We were finalist at the WA Tourism Awards of 2008 and finalist at the ACCI Small Business Awards in 2009. (Other Guys)