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8mm Film Reels


Standard or Super8 8mm Film Reels (audio only added backing music):

  • $20.00 (1) for 3" (50ft) (2-5=$15ea / 6-10=$12.50ea / 11-15=$10ea / 16 plus=$9ea)

  • $55.00 for 51-200ft (some discounts may apply for multiple)

  • $95.00 each for 201-400ft

  • $140.00 each for 401-600ft

If your reel requires more work as in it is damaged or not correctly spliced, there could be additional fees, please use this as a guide. All movie files created will have appropriate backing music added.

Editing footage of any type:

  • $80 per hour or $20 per 15 minutes.

All footage is converted (rendered) to standard widescreen and will show borders where applicable.


Converted to scale within 1280x720pixels as MP4 with backing music added (music chosen to set the scene).