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An assortment of graphics of M5+ also showing possible hot spots for similar future quakes

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Last Updated: 20-Aug-2019

Earth's core is made of extremely hot metal, so hot that it is plasma.
Please note that there is more information files in the FILES section, including a manual.

Example Earthquake 1: M 4.4
182km ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia
2018-10-23 08:20:12 (UTC)
21.996°S 169.578°E 10.0 km depth.

Being 10km deep, it would have caused light shaking.
There were at least 3 others near by with a similar depth of 532kms too.

Example Earthquake 2: M 4.7
South of the Fiji Islands
2018-10-23 07:18:10 (UTC)
23.942°S 179.585°W - 523.7 km depth.

With these deep quakes using a graph put together by Rebecca and Bella (fellow earthquake researchers), we use the 532km depth to find the result, that result is add, in this case we add 1.07m to these M4.4 - M4.7 earthquakes, making the outcome up to M5.77 max, but as there are three of them, the actual force that comes up, out and away is likely to be larger as the forces sometimes combine as they rise through the asthenosphere to the earth's crust.

The first initial quake will hit near the area, not just anywhere, but at a half way point known as the Fulcrum Point, the continuing activity will then travel the faultlines in the direction of nearby red arrows (Using the Earthquake 3D program as seen in graphics throughout the groups posts), with deep activity near Fiji, the force travels three ways, south through New Zealand, east to South America and west through Caledonia, Indonesia etc.

It is possible that the maximum output from these earthquakes above could be one magnitude higher than expected. A watch of 7 to 10 days along the Ring of Fire and connecting fault lines can be expected. The same timeline is required for each deep quake, the force is expected to drop seismic activity as it travels through the Mantle or otherwise known as the asthenosphere like a wave. The seismic forces travel like they are in a container filled with water, some times the container is long and narrow and so there are different reactions for different situations.

The initial force travel all the way through the fault lines around the planet to the end points (Red Xs), then known as the antipode the force travels right through the planet to within 30% of the other side of the planet where it start over again as another deep earthquake, the force seems to break off to lower magnitudes earthquakes, but some merge with others to make large deep quakes as they pop.

Occasionally earthquakes lead into the fractures, ocean trenches and ridges around the planet, they seem to move a lot slower.

The reason there's earthquakes is: The earth is always evolving, tectonic plates are moving all the time, it might only be a little bit each year, but over millions of years it transformed the whole planet, creating mountains, deep oceans, cracking, pushing and merging the earth and its contents.

Often we’ll see near exact similar magnitude earthquakes being dropped off amazingly evenly spaced apart and when there is a spot missing between other earthquakes, usually another future quake fills it (known as a Fulcrum Point), even if it’s from the next force that comes from another deep earthquake's seismic wave activity which can come from a number of locations, but mainly they begin in the region of Fiji and New Caledonia, which is north of New Zealand in an area now known as Zealandia. Also some of the other deep spots are in Indonesia, India, South America and north of Japan, of which can cause disruptions to other seismic activity too.

The earthquake feeds in our apps and computer programs seem to be fiddled with as often for example; For a M5.4, the powers that be change it to a M4.9, thus playing with the final outcome, disrupting any correct forecasting past that point. The other problem is some countries don’t report earthquakes, especially from China and Russia, even earthquakes 4 to 6 are not all reported.

I am no scientist or geologist; I have learnt all I know by watching and listening intently to Dutchsinse’s live presentations for the past many months (Found on Youtube or on Twitch). He shows his viewers how to forecast earthquakes going on his previous experiences (11 years+), in real time, using all resources available to everyone online. However his main focus is on his own country America, he begins his updates in Zealandia. I am like him, but I focus on Australia, but in the end Western Australia. By studying earthquakes worldwide we understand of how the cycle of earthquakes works.

I do not profess that I am 100% correct, the conclusions I come up with do not mean it will happen, even if I say it is expected or it will happen, but instead that being said means it could happen, it’s also a way of playing it safe, as we can not be correct every time, also the size of any earthquake can differ. The reason it is mentioned is to give some warning to those in that area, so they can be at least be a little prepared.

Thank you to Dutchsinse for passing all your valued knowledge to the average person to help bring awareness for up coming earthquakes. Thank you to you for joining my Earthquakes Downunder Facebook Group and please feel welcome to like, share or invite.
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